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Coffee & Conversation

What is up with all this coffee???

Coffee is a great way to connect with others in the community. The Western World has a long tradition in which the coffee house is the common meeting place for friends, neighbors, and fellow travelers to meet and discuss the things that matter most.



Q. How did you come up with the name ‘Culture Monk’

During the early 2000’s I happened upon a website called The Electric Monk (named after a character from a Douglas Adam’s book). I really enjoyed the dialogue that took place on The Electric Monk discussion board forum but unfortunately the Web Master who ran the site decided to close up shop. The Culture Monk is merely a term I chose in honor of the creative mind who ran The Electric Monk….

Q. Where are you from?

Born in Chicago I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire lifephoto-2

Q. So what is up with your love of coffee houses? 

At the age of fifteen I started hanging out at a café close to where I worked. It was near a local university and a lot of the philosophy majors from the university as well as many other locals hung out at the café to study….the owner of the place loved interacting with people over serious discussions. So 6 days a week I drank coffee and enjoyed discussions that covered philosophy, theology, the arts, and more. That little café played a major role in my young life when it came to my own pursuit of greater thought and conversation.

Q. What is up with all the photographs of people you take?

Part of hanging out at a café is people watching; seeing the way people dress, interact, etc. tells us a lot about our culture. The photographs are merely an extension of my café experience. Its the people I see as I’m sitting outside drinking my coffee. The people in my photographs ARE NOT the people I write about.

photo (13)

Q. Are the stories you tell about people at the coffee house real?

Yes. I always change intimate details to protect people’s privacy. Occasionally, I might change someone’s age, gender, city they are from, and other pertinent details in order to prevent anyone’s privacy from being violated. I always make an effort to write with a certain sense of ambiguity in order to protect people’s privacy.

Most of the time I am sitting at a table where a lot of my acquaintances will be sitting and strangers will sit down and begin sharing their own experiences and life with us. It is rare that a week goes by that I don’t meet at least four or five new people.


Q. What is your website policy regarding links to other blogs and websites?

I don’t have a ‘policy’ per se; I give a lot of latitude to my longtime readers and approve any links they embed….but I’m generally cautious regarding links provided by new readers and tend to delete them because I simply don’t have enough time to read all of them.

Q. Can I advertise my book on your website?

I don’t promote books I haven’t read – send me a copy and I will consider reviewing it

Q. You write about your frustrations with Western Christianity quite a bit, what kind of Christian are you?

A. Is there more than one kind?

Q. No, I mean what kind of church do you go to?

A. An imperfect one